Apartment 34

by Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Key: Em


Em B Em


They do the cooking in the Embathtub They have a corner on the Bstreet They don’t notice what their Bhair does They ain’t concerned with missin’ Emteeth They have a thing for old EmCamaros That ain’t runnin’ anyAmmore And if wonder what that Emsmell is BThat’d be apartment Em34


Daddy rarely wears a Emt-shirt ’cept for metal bands he Blikes Sometimes you see him on the Bhighway Ridin’ a Little Mermaid Embike Mommy’s yelling at the Emneighbors Don't you look at me no Ammore If you ever have to Emwonder BIt’s apartment Em34


In apartment Am34 In apartment Em34 What can you say they are aBmazing The sort you never knew beEmfore In apartment Am34 In apartment Em34 If you’re wonderin’ where Bhell is Try apartment Em34


Sometimes you see ’em in the Emalley Sometimes you won’t see them for Bweeks Sometimes they’re asking you for Bmoney Sometimes they’re offering you Emweed If they ever hear a Emsiren They run a barricade the Amdoor And it’s better not to Bquestion The goings on in Em34 (Chorus)