Baltimore Oriole

by Hoagy Charmichael

Key: Gm

GmBaltimore OrioleGm7
CTook one Cm6look at that Gmmercury forGm7ty beC7lowD
GmNo Cmlife for a ladyCm7
FTo be Ab7dragging her Gmfeathers aGm7round in the C7snowDGm
CmLeaving me Gblue, Eboff she Fflew
To the GmTangipaDho Gm
Where a C9two-timing Jaybird Cm7Cm6 Eb7Met the di C#dimvine Miss O D

D7I'd like to ruffle his plumage
GmBaltimore OrioleGm7
CMessed a Cm6round with that Gmbig mouth
Till Gm7he singed her C7wingDGm
CmForgiving is easyEb6F
It's a Ab7woman like, Gmnow and then
Gm7Could happen C7thing

CmSend her Gback home
EbHome ain't Fhome without Gm6her warblDing
BbHow she can sing
Make a C9lonely man Am7happy Cm6
Eb7Baltimore C7OrD7iGmoleGm7C9
Come Ebmaj7down from that GmboughGm7C9
Fly to your Eb7dad D7dy nowGm6Gm