Break Down

by Tom Petty

Time: 4/4 Key: Am


AmIts alGright if you Amlove Gme, AmIts alGright if you Amdon't G AmI'm not afGraid of you Amrunnin awGay honey, AmI got this Gfeeling you Fmaj7won't Say Amthere is no Gsense in preAmtendGing, AmYour Geyes give you Amaway G AmSomething Ginside you is Amfeeling like GI do, AmWe said all Gthere is to Fmaj7say


AmBreakGdown Fgo ahead and Ggive it to me AmBreakGdown Ftake me through the Gnight AmBreak Gdown now I'm Fstandin her can you Gsee? AmBreakGdown its Fmaj7alright, its alright, its alright


| Fmaj7 / / / | G / F / | | Am / F / | G / F / | (chorus)


Fmaj7 G/F Am/F G/F Fmaj7 G/F Am/F G/F Am G Am G its alright its alright