Bury the Bottle With Me

by Dick Curless

Key: G


G Em G Em There's a Gstone in yonder Emgraveyard With my Gname carved in it G7deep It don't Ctell my life Gstory These Cthings it can't Grepeat I Gnever had a Emfamily I Gnever took a G7wife All I Chad was a Gbottle And I Cdrank away my Glife


So Embury the bottle with me For Git's what tore me G7down So CI won't be aGlone tonight When they Cput me in the Gground When they Clower my body Gdown A Gdrunkard is a Emsinner On Gthis I place no G7doubt Oh the CLord won't share his Gpalace With the Cthings he lives Gwithout For the Gbottle is the Emdevil And Gdrinking is his G7name Now Cthe bottle is what Gtook my soul And Cpetrified my Gbrain (Chorus)