Champin' at the Bit

by Bottom Dwellers

Time: 4/4 Key: C


I was Ctalking to A guitar picking man the other Fday I Gtold him I was chomping at the bit To see him Cplay It's Cchamping at the but son Why Fdon't you get it right I Glooked him in the eyes And said that I just Cmight


CChamping at the bit boys Champing at the Fbit GStrait from the horse's mouth Champing at the Cbit (key change to D)


I was Dtalking to a realtor When I heard somebody Gsay AHey there Mr. realetor I want to buy a house Dtoday It's realtor not realetor Why don't you get it right I'll open up the door son Then you'll see the light (Chorus)


(key change to G)


Our Gtwenty-third president of the USCA Said DNucular not nuclear And it bugs me to this Gday You'd Gthink our own president Would know his ass from is Cpros Sometimes with demoDcracy That's the way it Cgoes (Chorus)