Chocolate Town

by Ween

Time: 4/4 Key: A


ACouldn't taste the taste that I was ta Bdimstin' ACouldn't hear the waste that I was mak Bdimin' DTired of the life I was facAin' GDF# AGDF#


ACouldn't tell one from anBdimother ACouldn't hide a secret from my moBdimther DAny other Bdim6mother wouldnt boAther GDF# AGDF#


EmMakin' time, breakin' ground Sail brown bay to chocolate Atown GDF# AGDF#


AGot me on the porch I'm in the front Bdimrow ASays "shits for real" then like I dont Bdimknow DGet your punk ass Bm6back to the Adog Gshow DF# AGDF# (Chorus)


(figure out some kind of solo here.)


AA new breath I feel the grip reBdimleasin' AScrapin' my guts off of the Bdimceiling DI got that su Bm6nny bunny feelin' AGDF# AGDF# (Chorus x2) AGDF# AGDF# A