Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky

by Flatt and Scruggs

Time: 4/4 Key: G

Verse 1:

GDarling, I have Ccome to Gtell you Though it almost breaks my Dheart GBut before the Cmorning, Gdarling DWe'll be many miles aGpartG7


CDon't this road look rough and Grocky Don't that sea look wide and Ddeep GDon't my baby Clook the Gsweetest DWhen she's in my arms aGsleep | D / / / | D / / / | G / / / | G / / / |

Verse 2:

GDon't you hear the Cnightbirds Gcrying Far across the deep blue Dsea? GWhile of others Cyou are Gthinking DWon't you sometimes think of Gme?G7 (Chorus)

Verse 3:

GOne more kiss beCfore I Gleave you One more kiss before we Dpart GYou have caused me Clots of Gtrouble DDarling, you have broke my GheartG7 (Chorus)