Drivin' Nails In My Coffin

by Jerry Irby, recorded by Ernest Tubb

Time: 4/4 Key: C


My Csweetheart has gone and I'm so lonely She said that she and I were G7through So CI started out drinking for past time Driving nails in my G7coffin over Cyou


I'm just Cdrivin' nails in my coffin Every time I drink a bottle of G7booze I'm just Cdrivin' nails in my coffin Drivin' those G7nails over Cyou


CEver since the day that we parted I've been so sad and so G7blue CI'm always thinking of you love And I just can't quit G7drinking that old Cbooze (chorus) CNow you've turned me down, you don't want me There's nothin' now I can G7loose I'm just Cdrivin' those nails in my coffin And worrying my G7darling over Cyou (chorus)