East Virginia Blues

by Traditional

Time: 4/4 Key: C

I was Craised in East Virginia
North CaroFlina I did Cgo
There I Fmet the fairest Cmaiden
Her name and Gage, I did not Cknow

And her Chair was dark in color
And her Fcheeks were rosy Cred
On her Fbreast she wore white Clilies
And there I Glonged to lay my Chead

I don't Cwant your greenback dollar
I don't Fwant your gold watch and Cchain
All I Fwant is your heart, Cdarling
And to Gsee my home aCgain.

I'd rather Cbe in some dark holler
Where the Fsun refuse to Cshine
Than to Fknow you're aonther man's Cdarling
And that you Gnever will be Cmine.