Flowers In Your Hair

by The Lumineers

Key: G


GWhen we were younger GWe thought everyone was on our side GThen we grew a little And romanticized the C+9time I saw Flowers in your hair G Takes a Dboy to live Takes C+9a man to pretend he was there G GSo then we grew a little GKnew a lot GAnd now we demonstrated it to the cops And all the C+9things we said We were self assured G It's a Dlong road to wisdom It's a C+9short one to being ignored G


Be in my Emeye D Be in my heart G By in my Emeye, eyeyeye D Be in my heart G


GSo now I think that I could love you back GAnd I hope its not too late G'Cause youre so attractive And the C+9way you move I won't close my eyes G Takes a Dman to live Takes a C+9woman to make him compromise G (Chorus)