by Leonard Cohen

Time: 6/8 Key: C


C Am C Am


I Cheard there was a Amsecret chord That CDavid played and it Ampleased the lord But Fyou don't really Fmcare for music, Cdo you?G Well it Cgoes like this the Ffourth, the Gfifth The Amminor fall and the Fmajor lift The Gbaffled king comEmposing halleAmlujah


HalleFlujah, halleAmlujah, halleFlujah, halleClu-u-Gu-u-Cjah Well your Cfaith was strong but you Amneeded proof You Csaw her bathing Amon the roof Her Fbeauty and the Fmmoonlight overCthrew you G She Ctied you to her Fkitchen Gchair She Ambroke your throne and she Fcut your hair And Gfrom your lips she Emdrew the halleAmlujah (Chorus) C Am C Am


Well, Cmaybe there's a Amgod above But Call I've ever Amlearned from love Was Fhow to shoot someFmbody who outCdrew you G It's Cnot a cry that you Fhear at Gnight It's Amnot somebody who's Fseen the light It's a Gcold and it's a Embroken halleAmlujah (Chorus)