In The Curve

by The Avette Brothers

Time: 3/4 Key: G

I've Gnever Dtaken this Ccurve
GDriving this Dfast beGfore
A Gglowing stop Dsign, but Gboth lanes are Cmine
No Gseat belts aDttached to my Gdoor
Well my Gspeed Dmeter don't Gwork
So GI'm going to Dguess ninety-Gfive
Well Gmaybe I'll Dfix it, and Gmaybe I Cwon't
It deGpends on my Dbeing aGlive
Well my Gbottle of Dbourbon is Ggone
It Gflew away Dall by itGself
So if Gever you Dfind it, my Gphoto beChind it
In Gmemory of Dme on your Gshelf

Well Git's been Draining all Gday
And Git's been Draining all Gnight
A Gslip and slide Dhighway and GI'm moving Csideways
I'm Gloose, but my Dsteering wheel's Gtight

Well my Gsixty-three DFord is a Gbull
She's Gfour thousand Dpounds at Gleast
But Gmetal surDrenders when Goak trees meet Cfenders
And Gengines go Dthrough the front Gseat

Well I Glost conDtrol in the Gcurve
And a Ggas line Dbroke in the Gwreck
I Gwalked from the Dashes with Gjust a few Cscratches
My Gcrucifix Dwarm on my Gneck

Well my Ggood Lord was Dwith me toGnight
Just Griding beDside me toGnight
And Gnow we're just Dtalking, Ghitchhiking, Cwalking
We'll Gsee you in DConcord toGnight
And Gnow we're just Dwalking we're Ghitchhiking, Ctalking
We'll Gsee you… in DConcord… toGni-Ci-Gight