In The Pines

by Alan Riggs

Time: 3/4 Key: G


In the Gpines in the pines Where the Csun never Gshines And you shiver when the D7cold wind Gblows


GMy love my love what Chave I Gdone To make you D7treat me Gso You've Gcaused me to weep You've Ccaused me Gto moan You've caused me to D7leave my Ghome (Chorus)


GThe longest train I Cever Gsaw Went down that ole D7Georgia Gline The engine passed at C6 o'cGlock The caboose went D7by at Gnine (Chorus)


GI asked my captain For the Ctime of Gday He said he throwed his D7watch Gaway (Chorus)