by Dolly Parton

Time: 2/4 Key: Am


AmJolene, CJolene, GJolene, AmJolene I’m Gbegging of you Emplease don’t take my Amman AmJolene, CJolene, GJolene, AmJolene GPlease don’t take him Emjust because you Amcan


Your Ambeauty is Cbeyond compare With Gflaming locks of Amauburn hair With Givory skin and Emeyes of emerald Amgreen Your Amsmile is like a Cbreath of spring Your Gvoice is soft like Amsummer rain And GI cannot Emcompete with you, AmJolene


He Amtalks about you Cin his sleep There’s Gnothing I can Amdo to keep From Gcrying when he Emcalls your name, AmJolene And AmI can easily Cunderstand How Gyou could easily Amtake my man But Gyou don’t know Emwhat he means to me, AmJolene (Chorus)


Amyou could have your Cchoice of men But GI could never Amlove again GHe’s the only Emone for me, AmJolene I Amhad to have this Ctalk with you My Ghappiness Amdepends on you GWhatever you Emdecide to do, AmJolene (Chorus)