Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

by Carter Family

Key: G

There's a Gdark and a Ctroubled side of Glife
There's a bright and a sunny side, D7too
Though we meet with the darkness and Gstrife
The D7sunny side we also may Gview


GKeep on the sunny side, Calways on the sunny side GKeep on the sunny side of D7life It will Ghelp us every day, it will Cbrighten all the Gway If we'll keep on the D7sunny side of Glife The Gstorm and its Cfury broke Gtoday Crushing hopes that we cherished so D7dear Clouds and storm will in time pass Gaway The D7sun again will shine bright and Gclear (chorus) Let us Ggreet with a Csong of hope each Gday Though the moment be cloudy or D7fair Let us trust in our savior Galways To D7keep us every one in his Gcare (chorus)