Lazy River

by Hoagy Carmichael

Key: C


CI like lazy weaG7ther, CI like lazy G7days CCan’t be blamed for E7having lazy Fways A7 DmSome old lazy A7river Dmsleeps beside my A7door DmWhisp’ring to the D7sunlit G7shore...


A7Up a lazy river by the old mill run That D7lazy, lazy river in the noon day sun G7Linger in the shade of a kind old tree CThrow away your C7troubles, dream a D7dream with G7me.


A7Up a lazy river where the ro-bin’s song, AD7wakes a bright new morning, we can loaf a- long FBlue skies up aD7bove, Cevery Cmaj7one’s C7in A7love, D7Up a lazy G7river, how Chappy Cmaj7you C7can A7be, D7Up a lazy G7river, with Cme. G7C