by Rush

Time: 4/4 Key: G

GLiving on a Emlighted stage
ADpproaches the unCreal
For Dthose who think and Cfeel
In Gtouch with some Emreality
BeDyond the gilded Gcage

GCast in this un Emlikely role,
DIll-equipped to Cact
With Dinsufficient Ctact
GOne must put up Embarriers
To Dkeep oneself GintactF C G F C


EmLiving in the Climelight The Duniversal Emdream For Cthose who wish to DseemEm CThose who wish to Dbe Must Emput aside the Calienation DGet on with the Emfascination The Creal relation The Dunderlying Emtheme G F C G F C GLiving in a Emfisheye lens Caught Din the camera Ceye I Dhave no heart to Clie I Gcan't pretend a Emstranger Is a Dlong-awaited GfriendF C G F C GAll the world's inEmdeed a stage And Dwe are merely Cplayers PerDformers and porCtrayers GEach another's Emaudience OutDside the gilded GcageF C G F C (Chorus)


Em C D Em (Chorus)