Love Hurts

by Everly Brothers

Key: G


Love Ghurts, love Emscars, love Cwounds and Dmars Any Gheart not Emtough nor Cstrong enouDgh To take a lot of Gpain, B7take a lot of Empain, Love is like a Ccloud, holds a lot of Drain


Love Ghurts BbCOooh love Ghurts.


I'm Gyoung, I Emknow, but Ceven Dso I Gknow a thing or Emtwo, I've Clearned from Dyou I've really learned a Glot, B7really learned a Emlot Love is like a Cstove, it burns you when it's Dhot (Chorus)


CSome fools rave on B7happinEmess, B7blissfullEmness, toB7getherEmness ASome fools fool themselves I guess But Cthey're not fooling Dme I know it isn't Gtrue, B7know it isn't Emtrue Love is just a Clie, made to make you Dblue (Chorus x2)