Pistol Packin’ Mama

by Al Dexter

Time: 4/4 Key: C

CDrinking beer in a cabaret and I was having G7fun
Until one night, she caught me right and now I'm on the Crun


CLay that pistol down babe, lay that G7pistol down Pistol packing mama, lay that pistol Cdown CChe kicked out my widshield and hit me over the G7head She cussed and cried and said I lied and wished that I was Cdead (Chorus) CDrinking beer in a cabaret, out dancing with a G7blond Until one night she shot out the light, BANG that blond was Cgone (Chorus) CI'll see you every night babe, I'll woo you every G7day I'll be your regular daddy, if you'll put that gun Caway (Chorus) CNow there was old Al Dexter, he always had his G7fun But with some lead, she shot him dead, his honkin' days are C done (Chorus)