Pop A Top Again

by Jim Ed Brown

Key: C


Pop A Top FAgain G7I've just got time for Fone more Cround Set 'em up my Ffriend G7Then I'll be gone and Fyou can G7let Some other Ffool set Cdown


I'd like for you to Flisten to A G7joke I heard toCday From a woman who said Fshe was through And G7calmly walked aCway I tried to smile and Fdid awhile But it G7felt so out of Cplace Did you ever hear of a Fclown with teardrops G7Streaming down his Cface (Chorus)


Home to me is Fmisery And G7here I'm wasting Ctime Cause a row of fools on a Frow of stools Is G7not what's on my Cmind But then you see her Fneeding me Is G7not what I preCfer So it's either here a Fdrinking beer Or G7home remembering Cher (Chorus)