Silver Threads and Golden Needles

by Linda Ronstadt

Time: 4/4 Key: C

I don't Cwant your lonely mansion with a Ftear in every room
All I Fwant's the love you Cpromised beneath the haloed Bbmoon G
Do you Cthink I could be happy with your Fmoney and your name
And Fhide myself in Csorrow while you Gplay your cheating Cgame


Silver Fthreads and golden needles can not Cmend this heart of mine And I Cdare not drown my sorrows in the warm glow of your BbwineG You can't Cbuy my love with money cause I Fnever was that kind Silver Fthreads and golden Cneedles can not Gmend this heart of Cmine


C F F C Bb G C F F C G C


Silver Fthreads and golden Cneedles can not BbmendF this heart of CmineF C