by Hoagy Charmichael

Key: G


And G9now the purple Gdusk of twiG9light time, B7steals across the meadows of my Eheart;E7 AmHigh up in the Cmsky, the Glittle stars Emclimb, F#always reF#7minding me, that Dwe're aD7part You G9wander down the Glane and far aG9way, B7leaving me a song that will not Edie;E7 AmLove is now the sCmtardust, of GyesterEmday, The D7music of the Amyears gone Gby.Cm/G


Sometimes I Cm7wondeCr why AmI spend, the lConely Fnight, F7dreaming of a Gsong; The EmmeloBmdy, haunE7ts my reverie, and AmI am once again Am7with Amyou.Am7 When our Dlove was D7new, Dand each D7kiss an inspiGration;D But Athat was long Gago, A7now my consoGlation, D7is in the Am7stardust Cof a D7song. Cm7Beside a Cgarden Amwall, when Cstars are Fbright, F7You are in my Garms, the nightinEgale Bm7tells his fairy E7tale. A Am7paraE7dise where Em7roses Am7bloom,Am Though I Ddream A7in D7vain, in my Gheart it Emwill re F#7main,B7 CMy stardust E7melody,Am7 the D7memory, of Cloves D7reGfrain. CmG