Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)

by Bob Wills, Tommy Duncan

Time: 4/4 Key: C

Verse 1:

CCan't go home if you're going by the mill Cause the bridge' washed out at the Gbottom of the Chill CBig Creek's up, Little Creek's level, Plow my corn with a Gdouble Cshovel


CStay all night, stay a little longer GDance all night, dance a little longer CPull off your coat, throw it in the corner GDon't see why you can't stay a little lonCger.

Verse 2:

CSitting in the window, singing to my love Slop bucket fell from the Gwindow up aCbove CMule and the grasshopper eatin ice cream Mule got sick, so they Glaid him on the Cgreen (Chorus)

Verse 3:

CYou ought to see my Blue Eyed Sally She lives way down on GShinbone CAlley CNumber on the gate, the number on the door The next house over is the Ggrocery Cstore. (Chorus)

Verse 4:

CGrab your partner, pat her on the head If she don't like biscuits, Gfeed her cornCbread CGirls around Big Creek, 'bout half grown Jump on a man like a Gdog on a Cbone (Chorus)