The Jamestown Ferry

by Tanya Tucker

Time: 4/4 Key: G


GHe just caught the Jamestown Ferry it's not a Emhot day in January Like he D7said it'd be if he ever left Emme A case of Ggone was all he carried as he got Con the Jamestown GFerry And he Csaid that gone was D7all he'd ever Gbe


I didn't think that he'd leave me after Emsaying how much he needs me But Cthe fact still D7remains I'm sitting here all Galone Missing loving of my baby Lord it's Embout to drive me crazy He was the Csweetest piece of D7heaven I've ever Gknown (Chorus)


As I walk through his kingdom of Emhonky tonks and bars I Cremember how he’d D7hold me and comfort me with Gtalk He didn't cuss with every breath he had a Emsoothing southern drawl Made me Cfeel like a D7lady through it Gall (Chorus)