Tiny Bubbles

by Don Ho

Key: C


| D7 / G7 / | C / A7 / | | D7 / G7 / | C / G7 / |


Tiny Cbubbles (tiny bubbles) in the G7wine (in the wine) Makes me happy (make me happy) Make me feel Cfine (make me feel fine) Tiny Cbubbles (tiny bubbles) C7makes me warm all Fover Fm With a Cfeeling that I'm gonna G7love you till the end of Ctime C7


So Fhere's to the golden moon and Chere's to the silver sea And D7mostly here's a toast to you and G7me (Chorus)


So Fhere's to the ginger lei I Cgive to you today And D7here's a kiss that will not fade G7away (Chorus)


| D7 / G7 / | C / / / |