Upside-Down Boat

by Matt Kresling

Key: G


I'm on an Gupside-down boat On an Cupside-down Gocean With right-side-up Dmemories Of a Gright-side-up girl On the Cnight-side of the Emworld. Does Gshe still Dremember Gme?


She was Gninety-nine point nine-nine PerCcent what I Gwanted And ninety-nine point nine-nine of Dme Couldn't Gsee any point in my CAnymore Emwandering, But Gpoint-aught-one DdisaGgreed, (Chorus)


EmDoes she still wear those dresses Just shy of what's necessarily labeled 'indecent?' Oh, Ghow does she Clook lying Em7in bed toBnight? I'll have to ask the Am7right-side-up man whom she Shares it with Bm7now. (Chorus)


Em Eb G Em Eb G