Where I Fell

by Robbie Fulks

Key: A

ADaddy used to catch his supper in this river now you can't swim it
ASmells like a 20 ton truck full of paint thinner sank down in itA7
Come Dvisit a spell, see the plaque to our war fallen
Nothing but a Agood time

ASome guy in Bombay is running that press I used to hate
ANow I sling hash for what all spills off the interstateA7
DWe sold the family store, left the building standing
You can see the Aoutline … were I Emfell, might look like Ahell


From a Gjet airplane or the top of some big Ahotel I’d have chose a Dplace more fine, the choice was Anever mine And so I Emdwell where I Afell (whistle) Em A ASkinny hip chain with the long, black lashes and a kid of ten AComes by for some TV and leg it down with me every now and againA7 She's a Dgood old girl, I should’ve long sent walkin But timing never Aworked right AAnd it’s the same sad crew at Delilah shouting over the redneck band AGame score, tea party, world war, I don’t give a good goddamnA7 DThat’s me crossing the courthouse long about midnight Tripping at the Acurb side … where I Emfell, might look like Ahell (chorus) I just Emdwell where I Afell