Where She Woke Up (On Mornings With Me)

by Dylan Earl

Time: 6/8

EHalf out of luck, and Bway out of line
I was Eone sip over the Aedge
EI was the fool 
At the Bend of the bar last Enight

EStuck in my ways, she Bgave me her time
EI couldn't sacrafice Amine
EI was a fool
For Bthinking she'd change her Emind


ADoes she lay with Eanother ADoes he look just like Eme ADoes he honor her Eside of the Abed AWhere she woke up on mornings with me? EIt don't take much to Bget me this way Just a Ecouple to several and Athen EI know I'll wake up With Bnothing but the stains of Esin


ASo I'm sorry my friends for Bmy weary mind I'll Emake it up to you Asoon I'll Etry to keep living And Bhope I can change with Etime (Chorus)