Wide River To Cross

by Buddy Miller

Time: 3/4 Key: D


There's a Dsorrow Gin the Dwind Blowing' down the Groad I've Dbeen I can Bmhear it cry while Gshadows steal the Dsun G D But I can not Glook back Dnow I've come to far to Gturn Daround And there's Bmstill a race Gahead that I must Drun G D


I'm only Bmhalf-Away Dhome I gotta Bmjour-Aney Don To where I'll Emfind the Gthings that I have Dlost G D I've come a Bmlong Along Droad still I've Bmgot Amiles to Dgo I've got a Emwide wide Griver to Dcross G D


I have Dstumbled GI have Dstrayed You can Dtrace the Gtracks I Dmade All a-Bmcross the memo-Gries my heart Drecalls G D But I'm just a Grefu-Dgee won't you say a Gprayer for Dme Cause some-Bmtimes even the Gstrongest soldier Dfalls G D