You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

by Bob Dylan

Time: 4/4 Key: G

GFly so swift the Amrain won't lift
The Cgate won't close the Grailings froze 
GGet your mind on Amwinter time
CYou ain't going noGwhere


GOoh we Amride me high ToCmorrows the day my Gbrides gonna come GOh oh are Amwe gonna fly Cdown in the easy Gchair GI don't care how many Amletters they sent The Cmorning came the Gmorning went GPack up your money Ampick up your tent CYou ain't going noGwhere (Chorus) GBuy me a flute and a Amgun that shoots CTailgates and Gsubstitutes GStrap yourself to a Amtree with roots CYou ain't going noGwhere (Chorus) GNow Gingus Kahn he Amcould not keep CAll his kings supGplied with sleep We'll Gclimb that hill no Ammatter how steep CWhen we get up Gto it (Chorus)